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Meet Mr.Zulfikhar Ali.j a 19-year-old micro-artist from Thiruvidaimaruthur near Kumbakonam, Being a BBA graduate Zulfikhar always loves to experiment and push himself to the extreme for his passion of Pencil carving. Microart is the art form where many things are involved like skills, patience, perception, concentration, practice and many things. -Zulfikhar

THE BEGINING: Zulfikhar had good art skills since childhood. He started his micro-artworks by carving the chalk piece with the help of sharpener blades, Later in life, he eventually got to know about sculpting in pencil leads. then later decided to do it commercially that's how all this started his journey towards pencil carving. INSPIRATION: Zulfikhar gets his inspiration from everything around him but the person who inspires him the most is Salavat Fidai. When it comes to the encouragement he gets loads of encouragement and support from his friends and parents and social media followers.

ENCOURAGEMENTS: Just like any other artist Zulfikhar is very passionate about his works, He enjoys peace and calmness when he carves something in pencils. he faced many problems like weakening eyesight, injury in fingers while carving and shoulder pain his dedication towards micro art helps him to overcome his weakness and sufferings. SOME OF HIS WORKS:

PERSONAL TOUCH: Zulfikhar has his personal touch on micro art like Sharpening the edges of the pencil neatly, no graphite dust in wood, smoothening the graphite with brush sealed with a glass bottle

GOALS: As a self-taught artist so far he achieving by trying out the new things in micro art. he mentioned that when his art be the inspiration to others it would be the proudest moment. As a passionate young mind, Zulfikhar has loads of plans for his future. His goal is to make multiple world records and conduct art exhibition in metropolitan cities.

We team Adikozha proud and happy to acknowledge such a talented individual and a pure soul. We are extremely happy in welcoming you to our Creators Community with warm hearts. We got your back always!


Instagram: zulfi_har_


Gmail: zulfijafar@gmail.com

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