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Passionate Potrait Artist

Meet Santhya, who is currently pursuing her PG degree . What started as a hobby to her at 3rd std became her passion as she grew up

During her childhood her mom insisted her to avoid the usage of gadgets , so in her free time she started to sketch as a time pass . Later she started spending more time in art . Appreciations from people around her during school and college days made her to explore various artforms like potrait sketching , Tanjore painting etc.,

she made use of social media to learn and explore a lot

In 2017 she started learning portrait sketching and by 2018 She started taking up orders. One of her senior asked her to make a potrait for her as an order . Initially she had self doubts but the belief of her senior boosted her self confidence and started taking up more orders. Few people questioned her ‘why do you work for many hours for just 250 rupees’. But she felt that it was not the amount that made her work ,the belief they had on her gave her strength to work for 10 hours. “ Isn’t the belief of people have on us is the biggest asset we can ever earn? “ .

Each and every order she took was very challenging and paved her way to success

Her Mother was her only encouragement in the beginning . She was the one who stayed with her ups and downs . Definitely when there are set of people who encourage you there will also be a set of people to discourage you. when some people discouraged her, she took their negative comments and turned those negatives into her strength.

when it comes to hardships we have only two choices. One is to feel bad and stop the work we do, Other is to turn those hardships/negative comments. as our strength and work more and more. She chose the second one.

Her favourite sketches are potraits of Rashmika Mandanna , Madan gowri ( appreciated by Madan gowri )

The painting that is the closest to heart for her and her Mother Is the 7horse


The tallest potrait she has done so far is the “girl with the vase “ which is 2 1/2 feet

The first Reward won by her was during inter school competition at 12th Std . The proudest moment for her is when she was asked to do a painting as a token of love for the chief guest who came to her college.

The reason why she does Art is it’s a healer for her like music and brings limitless joy .she says that art has the ability to turn simple paper into a Master piece

As the saying goes , Apple a day keeps the doctor away she feels that “An art a day keeps the negative thoughts away”

We asked some tips and tricks for other artist trying to prove themselves

”Respect your talent and keep practicing continuously without losing hope. One day or the other this talent of yours will definitely pay you off and it will make the world identify you through your work. But for this to happen it may take some moths or years. If You be patient and consistent and practice well you will reach great heights.

learn to change the negative criticism as your strength”.

We team Adikozha happy and honoured to have such a talented person in our community. We got your back!


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