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The middle-class muralist.

Vishwa Selvam - the portrait artist

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen.” - Leonardo da Vinci.

people have dreams. Almost everyone dreams but there are only a few who make this their sole purpose and work to bring that dream into reality. Such a passionate individual is Mr. Vishwa Selvam. He was born in a lower-middle-class family and everyone from the same category knows how hard is to follow their passion some drop and start living their exhausting and grinding life but some work their ass off to achieve their goals and our protagonist is one of that few!

" Artistic work is not only a thing which looks good but It also wants to be felt," says Viswa. This emotional bond between the artists and their works is something that is unpopular yet very important. The passion of art is the addiction and desire to create something out of imagination every now and then. One can't live without doing it, without creating something. This urge can be seen in artists and yes in Viswa too! as he has this beautiful bond with art since he was 6! A trait of a true artist.

Friends play a key role in helping us cope with life's challenges. Every person deserves a supportive friend through tough times, Fortunately Viswa blessed with such a friend's whos been his pillar of strength and his teachers who overgrew the typical teacher mindset and supported Viswa and helped him throughout this artistic path.

some of his works

As I mentioned before being a middle class and following your passion is not something everyone can do. But still, people do follow their passion in the hope of achieving their goals. Life for Viswa is hard too. There was a time when he couldn't get his basic tools. But he with his love for art overcame them by making art with what he had. Life is never a fair game but sometimes it is important to be in the game.

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Viswa loves to feel his works rather than viewing it. "I'll have a great feeling when I am doing the outlines and shading," says Viswa, and explaining loving his works with all of his heart is his personal touch. Being a realistic artist Vishwa loves filling the space with a bit of creativity. He also does street arts but those are in closed environments.

And finally few words from Vishwa himself,

"When I saw other artist using high-quality materials I also thought that this is very important to do good artworks... but after some time those materials can't be bought for us by our parents I just quite the idea and started doing better with the basic stuff...so don't depend on u r high-quality materials...then as an artist I had never copied others style.you can develop u r own style by exhibiting others style do it it works a lot in u r art career."

Social media info :

Instagram: @drawing_dna_unleashed

Twitter: @ArtzMass

YouTube: Drawing DNA unleashed

We team #Adikozha proud and happy to have such an amazing and talented person in our creator community. We got your back always!

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