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It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection - Oscar Wilde

There are numerous forms of art. Most of the artist afraid of experimenting with their works But few dare to do so. Meet Subiksha Venkatesh the Crinkler artist. Subiksha is a pre-final year Engineering Student from Chennai. Engineering and art are two opposite sides of a coin but somehow Subiksha manages them both well. Doodling takes a lot of imagination. since her childhood, Subiksha is fond of art and started doing them as a hobby. As I mentioned earlier Subiksha loves experimenting with her works in-fact that curiosity of her gave her zeal to pursue the artistic field.

Later Subiksha started an Instagram page and started uploading her works and several tutorials. It got some followers and a decent amount of likes. With appreciation and support, Subiksha got from her Instagram page she started conducting workshops - “ How to Doodle 101”. Subiksha loves doodling while shes taking notes in the class. She believes in making mistakes and learning from them.

Ingredients for a masterpiece? piece of paper, pen, patience, and imagination - says Subiksha. Abstraction at its finest. Subiksha's comfort zone is art moreover she uses it as an escape from this cruel reality and gets into the world of her. According to her the random lines and shapes with meaning are doodle. It helps a lot to destress, focus and brighten up her mood.

Curious people always look for things that keep them going. Subiksha in her early days scribbles a lot but one of those practices helped her to think creatively. Her first doodle was for an Art Team recruitment, based on the theme Time. She did a few research, took inspirations and got selected! She has done many inspiring works but the closest to her heart is Benedict Cumberbatch's Zendoodle! She also did a doodle card series in a specific theme. Her recent favorite is the corona awareness she did recently.

Here are some of her artworks and pictures during her workshops and events!

As a budding artist Subiksha has faced lots of difficulties in her early days! apart from that, she explained Managing academics and conducting workshops is very difficult for her but she enjoying the journey and happy about learning new things in her journey. Inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavors. Inspiration is a very essential thing for an artist. Subiksha gets her inspiration from many people, sometimes emotions, nature, from my old works and a lot more. Her favorite inspiration? Mr. Doodle’s spontaneous doodling. Apart from inspiration Subiksha gets her encouragement and support from her family, friends and her Instagram followers. Her dad has been her greatest support system as he understands her mood swings and stands by her all the time! Subiksha has great plans for her future Collab with new brands, to travel to new places and share her skill and a lot more. We team Adikozha proud to have you here and wondering about your talent and works! We got your back always!

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