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Story of Quilling belle

story of quilling belle

Meet Ms.Aishwarya an M.com graduate from Chennai, She uses #Quilling to express the artist within her. A corporate employee turned up into a passionate Artist, she loves to explore different forms of art later she started creating her customised work,

Quilling is an art of simplicity - Aishwarya

For the past few years, Aishwarya started spending her time on artistic works it gives her an immense happiness 'JOY OF MAKING' and she loves to do it. later she decided to express the quilling art in the form of 3D dolls, Initially, she found it difficult to convert her idea into a paper, later she started developing her skills by learning and found her own way of creativeness.

Every artist has gone through something which teaches them an important lesson. Aishwarya did too! In the beginning, she had much difficulty in manage both her studies and passion, later at the initial stage she faces many demotivating comments, later she started practising more and more, she constantly pushes her forward with confidence and hard work


Some of her best works :

Before she started working she will follow some flow of work, previously she makes a note of details, materials require and how an outcome should be.

Aishwarya gets her encouragement and support from her Instagram followers. when people recognize her work it seems to be the proudest moment in her life


Few words by Aishwarya

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE more, never give up. Always be unique don't compare your work with others, instead concentrate on your own progress.

Every professional was once a beginner. Find your own method and style of doing work. Do what you love and give your best.

We team #Adikozha proud and happy to have such an amazing and talented person in our creator community. We got your back always!

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