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Story of an ardent artist!

Story of an ardent artist!

The great artist is the simplifier! - vincent van Gogh.

Today's story is about an assistant professor who found her identity in art. Mrs. Shamika Vimal, a former assistant professor in the department of visual communication, and a digital instructor in a company for her love for art quit her jobs and turned into a full-time calligraphy artist! She also loves to do watercolor and oil painting.

Shamika believes in "The best never rest", she loves experimenting with different forms of art and teaching them to her students. Shamika learned calligraphy from Mrs. Vini Gupta 'Penkraft' Bangalore and she has been doing this for almost 2 years now. As a child, Shamika loves to draw cartoon characters then started participating in school projects and competitions. Only later in life she really finds out that art has been always her identity!

Shamika gets her inspiration from Mr. MURUGESH TYAGARAJAN, even she describes support and encouragement from him as her strength. Her favourite words of him are "never do art because everyone says that you are doing great, never do art to earn money rather do art to rejoice and to do justice to your talent" and she follows this to date.

As a self-taught artist, Shamika struggled a lot, even for her master's degree. After completing visual communication she tried to pursue a fine arts degree but she couldn’t get the seat. Her family and friends started suppressing her with their words and abusing her with a guilt trip. Even after getting a job in art, her parents didn't allow her with the idea that art is not for women. But she somehow managed to overcome these and now shining like a star in her field.

Two elephants oil painting is the closest to my heart - says Shamika as it was the one which she presented to her husband on their wedding day! and there's another one too A pencil sketch of a lion which she did for her son's first birthday! According to her, the feel and sense of satisfaction which she gets from hand paintings are never felt in digital painting. She loves hand paintings so much that she didn't upgrade herself to digital paintings even after she learned how to do digital art! She's still embracing the authenticity of good handmade paintings.

In her early days, Shamika struggled because she couldn't understand the basic techniques. Then she started learning things from the Internet, it was slow but still counts in the progress. Then for the content, she's well aware of the fact that a picture can speak a thousand words, so she chooses the words very carefully and works on it. Some of the acknowledgements of Shamika are,

She was awarded as Camlin's little artist when she was in 5th grade.

Her proudest moment was when she published a paper on the impact of new media on education in the national seminar

"To be true the real award to me is my student’s success, every time I see my students winning the contests, I feel great accomplishment." - Shamika.

And finally here are some words from Shamika herself,

"Never grade your success through the money you earn with your artworks. The inner satisfaction of completing any pieces of art is like delivering a newborn baby, the struggle and hardship are real, it involves a great amount of time but in the end, we’ve created a life, a masterpiece worth the lifetime. Moreover, we ought to keep upgrading ourselves to stand unique (to avoid plagiarism). Time and patience are the only keys to become the best artist. Artist Da Vinci took 12 long years to paint Monalisa’s lips. Hard work with constant effort will pave the way to success."

We team Adikozha feel proud and happy to welcome such a talented individual to our community. We got your back!

Comment your wishes to Shamika Vimal below :)

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