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sculpture is a art of intelligence. -Pablo picasso


Meet SRIVIDHYA MBA GRADUATE from Chennai. She's a sculptor but the thing is she sculpt on pencils . yes! you heard it right. Srividhya carves things in leads of pencil's. she's a micro artist who brings her ideas in to life from leads of a pencil's. To put that in a perspective how hard is to carve "most of the pencil she carves is only between 5 to 7 mm". Early days.., Srividhya started his hobby when she was in her school days . she used to carve on chalk with a compass and paint them but she didn't really realized that her works are good art works . so she went on hiding them outta fear . Then later she started carving on pencil leads . In the very beginning it took almost a hour and more for a single letter in the leads and most of them got broken or damaged. But her passion towards her artwork kept her going in spite of all this failed attempts .

when we asked why she's so obsessed with these art works she replied " creating an art piece is a stress buster for me ! it provides distraction and gave my brain a break from my day to day thoughts " Every single piece of srividhya's art work is best for her but according to her the closest to her heart was her work of gandhi ji's spinning wheel she carved in pencil lead. Her inspiration is Mr.Salavat fidai a Russian micro artist who carves beautiful sculptures in pencil leads . Almost everyone around her supported and encouraged her but few important notable people are her parents , her aunt (Mrs. Indira Ramaswamy - retired college principal) and her brother who encouraged her to sell her artworks online ! " If you are good at something never do it for free! " With her marketing skills srividhya started selling her artworks on internet . You can find some here SRIVIDHYA_MICROARTIST to her shop

Her future plans are just great see plans to set world records and also share her skills by conducting various workshops and seminars. Team Adikozha wishes srividhya a very good luck for her future and will support her always! all the best srividhya you are an inspiration !

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PUBLISHED DATE : 01-03-2020


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