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"You can't use up creativity. The more you use the more you have." - Maya Angelou.

Passion and art is a weird combo. Not many can understand it and hold both! But the personality today is a passionate artist and guess what? she's self-taught! Meet Samriddhi Sahu or you may know her as Samriddhi_creativity. What's more interesting is that art is not her profession either. She is a part-time artist.

“If mandala art is my meditation so calligraphy is relaxation for me,” says Samriddhi, She loves writing and finds it beautiful as how it is connected with human emotions. She loves experimenting with her words and beautiful writing.

Perfect beginnings always come from the most unexpected places. Samriddhi from a non-artistic background started doing calligraphy for events on campus, weddings of family & friends, and occasional commissioned projects. For a brief amount of time this continued and then later her friend suggest her the idea of showcasing her works and that's where the real journey begins. Social media is really a powerful tool in right hands it opened a door for her towards her community and gained her support and appreciation every artist deserves! Its been 2 years since and people can already see her journey leading towards success!

Samriddhi, as mentioned earlier, gets her support and encouragement from the admirers of her works! Instagram as a platform took her skill to the next level and gained her so many valuables. Her inspiration? @thecalligraphyhub is the place she loves the most and gets her inspiration from other artists.

New beginnings were always hard. Especially when you got no support and you hold responsibilities. Samriddhi is no new face to these. She struggled a lot to keep herself up without any support and encouragement as her family is new to this field. Moreover, she has to manage her 9 to 5 job where most of us were stuck nowadays. But she somehow managed to overcome these and started pursuing her passion.

An artist's masterpiece is his/her every piece of work. Samriddhi loves her every single work but still, there are few standouts, for example, She did a quote in calligraphy

”Kindness is a language that deaf can hear and the blind can see” which was loved by her audience too!

Samriddhi whenever she feels sad, upset or demotivated at that time she opens her sketchpad, her pen and starts practising, whatever is running on her mind, she tries to write in a beautiful calligraphy writing and slowly her sadness changes to happiness, even when it gives smile to others face. When they see how her pens move with the music. As an artist, there are several moments she considers proud and memorable they are,

- Day July 7, 2019, On that day she conducted her first workshop @therainbowcafe.

- Then she organized a lot of workshops and meetups started @squadartist.

- @Sundaycampus published an article about her in their magazine.

And finally here are some words from Samriddhi herself,

" I think the first step is to cultivate the enjoyment of handwriting. When you encounter a sense of joy and meaning during your practice. You’ll make time for it, which naturally leads to improvement. Be patient with yourself, improvement takes dedicated effort and there’s always more to learn. "

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome you to our creator's community. We love your work, your passion towards art and stuff, and your hard work. We got your back always!

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