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“To be an artist is to believe in life.” – Henry Moore

There are some artists who carved themselves with hard work and dedication and there are few who are born with it. Such a talented individual is Mr Sai Siddharth, The interest towards art right from his childhood and made him grew as animator designing artist, despite completing his engineering degree

he describer that The most beautiful artwork ever created since the creation of the earth is our human body. Then the mother nature painting the skies every now and then, the view of oceans, forests etc.. the, With us surrounded by art in each and everything that we see and feel, for me, art has become part of my everyday life.

" The feel that a mother gets on seeing his child for the first time can never be explained in words. This is how I feel whenever I see any artworks" - Sai Siddharth

he started with the craze for the shows in Cartoon Networks as a child, when he got attracted towards the colours and the animations. Right from there, he started sketching my favourite cartoon characters.

"The thirst for art grew along with me and I started exploring various forms of art with time" - Sai Siddharth

He gets his inspiration from the Artist named Aakash Ramesh and he started right after that he did his first portrait of Rajinikanth. The reason behind his inspiring is the emotions he portrayed in his artworks

initially, he faced lots of hardships and lack of knowledge about techniques as being a self-taught artist sid learned a lot Just by watching practising the works of other artists and knowledge they shared, which helped him to overcome the hardships.

some of the favourite artworks done by sid are

he always starts every portrait with eyes and his personal opinion is if eyes come out successful then the portrait will be a success. Because eyes are a reflection of the human emotions and that's why my personal touch will always be the eyes of every portrait.

An article about him got released in Indian Express newspaper 3 years back.

The appreciation that he received from Vijay Sethupati and Nayanthara when I gifted them their sketches.

Love art. Practice a lot. Never commercialize your talent. -Sai Siddharth

We team Adikozha proud and blessed to have such an extraordinary person in our team. We welcome you to our community and wish you good luck with your future projects! We got your back always!

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