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Here is Mr.Sabarish He is a Mechanical engineer But He loves film making more than His engineering side.In His College days He got an opportunity to work as a assistant director in the movie that called Thadam,on that time He learned Film making and inspiration for acting also learned it, then he took a break from this and he started his own YouTube channel to show his skills but it didn't go well so, He approached famous YouTube channel Jump cuts and then he became a actor.

MAKE EVERY ONE HAPPY Acting is all about the feeling you get from the emotions of the character, He excited about the actor who lives multiple life's in a single shot! He takes this domain acting to make people entertain and happy and relate. Keep going buddy make everyone happy!

MAGICAL FANTASY Acting is a magical fantasy world, where you can bring them into real world This is how he define acting.

REJECTIONS INSULTS AND FAILURES When he is in his college days he did his first acting. He said, It was a worst one. Also he got off from the stage for some issues. He got very difficult times in industry he face some rejections, insults and failures and he gone through from that Struggles.Keep going' pal!


He self encouraged him and self motivated him self for get the best version of him. He is going to do a Web series for jump cuts and Content videos.He wants to learn the skill for skill making and want to become versatile actor and entertainer. Keep going buddy!

We team Adikozha proud and happy to have such an artist in our community, with warm simile we welcome you to our creator's club. We love your work, We love your talent and We love your courage! We here team Adikozha got your back always!

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