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Meet Rashminarahari. an Art Explorer. her artworks including watercolours, doodle and Acrylic. A corporate employee turned up into a passionate Artist for the past 3 years.

Rashminarahari carves for his uniqueness in his works she loves details in whatever the art form it may be. for her, Watercolour is an ingenious medium for its unpredictable nature. on the other hand, acrylic painting stands out for the vast range of possibilities that it has.

Art is meditation. Art makes the world heal. -Rashminarahari

Encouragement and support play a vital role in every artist's life. It's what that keeps them going. She constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement from her parents and her husband.

Sometimes you get an art block. You won't feel like painting anything.

Get inspired by nature. Do what makes you feel happy. Do not worry about the end results. This kept me going. -Rashminarahari

"Irrespective of the medium, what brings a painting alive is the amount of attention that we draw towards details". was her personal touches in form of art


She feels blessed with lots of art featuring pages

Here goes the list of awards:

1. ICICI bank's National Level Creative masters- Top 15 for my work " Digital India"

2. Karin Markers Monthly 3 color contest- 3rd prize

3. TAG -The Artist Group- Watercolor contest-3rd prize

4. Mont Marte -Icancreate contest- Winner-for my work "Mandarin Duck"

5. Karin Markers Monthly 3 colour Contest - 2nd Prize

6. Selected as a part of Brokeartists Collective.

7. Appreciation from The Aloha Studios for my works in #GalaxyJanuary.

8. Appreciation for #framemeraki from the Uncommon Box.

She does a lot of research before she paints it. Understand the emotion that it depicts Once after she found this secret. It is very easy to tale out her imagination.

Few words from Rashminarahari

       Practice makes anyone perfect. Do not compare yourself with others. Give your 100%. Accept mistakes, learn from it and move on. Keep Learning always and Enjoy the process.

We team Adikozha wishes you all the best and extremely happy to welcome you to our community. We got your back

    Instagram: @rashminarahari

    Facebook: Masterpieces

    Linked In : Rashmi Narahari

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