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“Art is a line around your thoughts.” - Gustav Klimt.

There are some artists who carved themselves with hard work and dedication and there are few who are born with it. Such a talented individual is Mr Rakshith. He started drawing in his first grade. Even though he didn't go to any special coaching classes for drawing he identified his inborn talent at that very young age and started working on them. He loves filling those empty spaces in a sketch with colours!

Later in his adulthood, it became a part of the day to day life. He started doing sketching as a hobby but eventually, it became his way of life. After years of self-practice and skill development, he literally became a complete artist who born outta thin air.

The immense joy and pleasure he gets after he completes his every work kept him going and motivated like a dope. He literally addicted to art and sketching. Driven by this he made himself better every single day. constantly pushing and growing!

According to him " drawing is a creative idea, everyone cannot draw. " He describes his talent as a gift from above and he praises it! His favourite work was his first-ever sketch from which he found out that he can draw and since then doing it!

His works speak, the artist speaks through his sketches as it is very difficult for him to put his thoughts in words. For him, his works are the way of communication and a window for his mind.

Every artist has gone through something which teaches them an important lesson. Richelle did too! In the beginning, he had much difficulty in sketching more complex and fragile parts like eyes and hairs but through his constant hard work and dedication, he overcame those.

For him, his family, friends, and his seniors are the support system without which he cant be the spot where he is now. He is very grateful to them! most importantly his family! He gets his inspiration from his senior @ charan anna. From him, he learned a lot too!

After all, Rakshith knows the difference between passion and profession. He chose his career as a pharmacist as he is doing pharmacy. Drawing is his hobby and he also likes to become an artist.

We team Adikozha honoured and happy to welcome you to our community, We got your back always!

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