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Meet Raghavi Maruthamuthu known as @queensquills in the art world. an Art Explorer. Art can be expressed in the simplest forms out there! Just like today's artist Raghavi Maruthamuthu. She uses Quilling to express the artist within her. A corporate employee turned up into a passionate Artist.

Quilling is it's just making wonders with the papers. -Raghavi

being an art explorer she always looks for some artworks one fine day she accidentally found a Facebook profile named SWATHINI, It all started there later while randomly surfing on the web she accidentally ended up with quilling works, later she started developing her skills by learning quilling works on youtube, blogs etc.

Quilling brings you Calm and patience -Raghavi

Encouragement and support play a vital role in every artist's life. It's what that keeps them going. She constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement from her parents, friends and colleagues,

She believes in perfection. she will never stop work without completing it. As she works with papers,

it's a delicate one so it needs to be handled with utmost care -Raghavi

She works with her art until she gets a complete satisfaction on the output. Though papers get crushed if not handled properly. So she will be very careful while using papers. Glueing papers edge is the most challenging task in quilling, though u can draw an outline and prepare for design. The best and most challenging part is glueing the papers according to the design.

Inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity in a literary, musical, or other artistic endeavours. she mentioned that the random appreciation messages to her works through Instagram and Facebook are the best awards for an artist.


The main idea or theme is the first part to prepare, after that, you should picture the theme and then make it as a drawing. Once you finish your drawing then work with the papers and get the best ever output.

"I appreciate each and every artist who is in this field and also wish them all success in future. Also, those who have just begun or have an idea to start quilling please don't hesitate to start. Don't worry if the output isn't perfect. Perfection comes with practice. The practice is the first to bring the best out of you." -Raghavi

We team Adikozha proud and happy to acknowledge such a talented individual and a pure soul. We are extremely happy in welcoming you to our Creators Community with warm hearts. We got your back always!


Instagram: @queensquills

Facebook: @Queen's Quills

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