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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

The first step to a better audition is to give up character and use yourself ! - Michael Shurtleff We all have little compulsion towards acting and huge crushes over a certain actors or actress . But very few people take it to the next level and work for it . One of such a personality is Mr. Prem raj . For every field or Passion hard work is mandatory but when it comes to acting the Competition is really high . Many people give up too soon. But Prem work hard with pure passion just to get to the place where he's now . Just like any other best actors prem starts with mimicking other's for fun but surprisingly it turned out really well and people started encouraging him and loved his work . Drunken with appreciation and support prem started practicing more . Later to support his passion he joined visual communication course in SRM UNIVERSITY where he started acting in several short films and purely with passion he started creating youtube videos for fun ofcourse ! If a window of opportunity appears , don't pull down the shade . - Tom peters Just like Tom's statement prem did exactly the same which later become a life changing decision for him . Mr. Bharat asked him to act in his substitute channel and without hesitation perm did act . Then later he got a call from Mr. Naresh from a famous youtube channel JUMPCUTS and gave him a chance to act in their KOLAGANDU series .

When we asked him what he's enjoying so much in acting he said " Acting is about living as another character that's the thing i enjoy a lot . Whenever i act i make sure it's entertaining for other's and entertaining people is my dope " In his view acting is a chance to live completely as a another person . His love towards acting keeps him going . He describes his first acting experience as a complete disaster and use that footage to watch and laugh these day's .

Prem raj gets his inspiration from actors he admires the most . The uniqueness of legendary actors like Dr.kamal hassan and Dr. Rajinikanth and the young actor's like Sivakarthikeyan inspires him most . That's where he gets his inspiration from . As a young actor prem raj have very big plan's for his future . He's enjoying his initial stages on the entertainment industry . He wants to continue learning as he grows . In near future he plans to start his very own Youtube channel named LIVE SHOTS and work on becoming a you tube personality and also have plans on working side by side with famous youtuber HARI BASKER .

We team ADIKOZHA genuinely happy for your journey Mr. Prem raj . Good luck for your future projects . We got your back always !

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PUBLISHED DATE : 03-04-2020


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