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Praveen Sivakumar The introvert sculpture artist

Meet Praveen Sivakumar who Receiving the first place for his animated short film ‘Sutta vadal’ for the national media festival organised by Anna University, Guindy from Director Mohan Raja and second place for the same short film from Madurai media and film studies academy handed by ‘Moodar Koodam’ fame, Director Naveen are Praveen Sivakumar’s remarkable moments in his upcoming career in animation.

Praveen Sivakumar has completed BSc in his niche, animation and is currently working as a creative facilitator in a private school. His interests lie mainly in drawing and making miniature sculptures. He also seems to be a great learner by nature.

He identifies himself as an introvert and a visual thinker. He does all his scale agile in his mind before committing to executing it.

We were intrigued to know more about how he discovered his passion and so

we dug into his childhood. He like most of us was a cartoon fanatic and guess what he didn’t stop at that. With a little help from the internet and dough flour, he started making sculptures of his favourite cartoon heros. His mother’s admiration for his creations further deepened his sense of pride. In grade five, he borrowed his friend’s clay in class promising him a dinosaur. As he was working on it, he got caught by his teacher.

Fortunately, his teacher was incredibly impressed and started to spread the word. He was like the rest of us trapped in the public exam rat race and so lost touch for 10 long years. Thanos was Praveen’s first comeback followed by M.S Dhoni for which he received a lot of attention on social media. After schooling, he came across animation which was almost technically sculpting and drawing. Once he started to pursue his degree, he realised that art is vast. Inspired by a few legends Jim McKenzie, Dr.Garuda, Chris Vierra and Jazza, he found himself through art.

Like every other artist, Praveen also had his fair share of faliures. One such failure was when he received negative reviews for his first order. That had crushed him. He could not access his creativity and so could not start a new piece of work. Victoriously, he managed to get out of his mind and work on creating art to entertain his soul. He realised that ‘every closed door had a bright opening’ and this gave him hope to overcome all other obstacles that came his way. He also learnt to wear his failure as a badge of honour

Finally, we asked if he had tips and motivational words for upcoming artists. ‘I am not that experienced in giving advice. I strongly believe happy teaching brings happy learning. Make sure u learn something new every day. Never lose hope for a closed door. I strongly believe that a closed-door is surely a bright opening as I said earlier. Do things for your satisfaction and not for others. Learn to accept and rectify mistakes. This art is a gift from God and we need to glorify it because we have been blessed with it.  

Think twice, work-wise one day your hard work and effort will surely reward you.’ He says with a wide smile.

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