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“If you're young and talented, it's like you have wings.” - Haruki Murakami.

Here in Adikozha, we have seen diverse talented people. But the one today we have is something special. Meet Ms. Nerubamaa, 20 y/o biotech student who is also a podcaster. Being a social butterfly Nerubamaa loves interacting with people and that's what she exactly doing! Influencing people with her voice and ideas.

Nerubamaa loves talking, So with her build in skill and with her asset (Amazing voice) she started podcasting and started sharing her thoughts and self. According to her podcast is an art, Indeed it is! not just because it needs ideas and content it needs passion and hard work too. Podcasts are quite popular in western countries but not in Tamilnadu, but still, there are few talented people out there doing it purely out of passion.

Nerubamaa used to write poems and books but later thought of innovating her natural talent and started recording them. To her surprise, it went well! but taking it out to people is a different thing. Nerubamaa starts her podcasting journey in this quarantine and it went well.

Who else can be more supportive of a speaker than their listeners? Nerubamaa gets her encouragement and support from her mom and her followers who are always pleased to hear her voice not just voice but also the content. With the strong and inspirational support system she got, Nerubamaa continues her journey very well.

Mental and moral support aside but Nerubamaa lacked tools and environment. She didn't have the proper setup, microphone, and soundproofs. But family comes to rescue! they showed their support by stay lowkey and silent while shes recording. After all, families are the ones woven together by choice, strengthened together by love, tested by everything, and each uniquely ours.

The secret for a good talk is when it is unprepared. Nerubamaa never prepared or wrote down notes or made scripts. Its all-natural one the spot words from the heart than mind. Preparations are good but this is what makes her unique. Her best works? 10 rules of happiness - Mridula Agarwal. Definitely gotta check it out!

And finally few words from Nerubamaa herself,

"I would say people in this field are so talented and thank you so much for supporting each other. Tamil podcast is so new and the most beautiful thing here is podcasters supporting other podcasters with no jealousy."

We team Adikozha proud and happy to have such a mesmerizing talented individual in our creator's community we got your back!

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