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Meet Miss R.Kirthi Priya, a Biology teacher by profession but an Artist By passion. She loves to learn things related to Art and Craft Works. She Enjoys and Loves the Company Of Nature and cherish more about Adventurous Activities. Patience to her Personality is the key for her Success and believes it comes from her Art. She is learning Carnatic music for the past 12 years and is also interested in Vedas and religious activities, though she believes in pure science.

About Mandala Art

According to her "Mandala" is one of the best forms of art which personally makes her satisfied."Black and white mandala" makes her feel more fulfilled.

Mandala requires lots of Patience that gives Complete Feel -Kirthi Priya

She started this work two years back when she tried to do some form of art, and she actually did not have enough materials related to Arts. She just had a black sketch pen and white paper and was desperate about that, and when she Googled about "black and white art " then she came to know about this Art. Later she had a chance to attend a workshop to learn the basics of mandala that anchored the interest in her.

She believes in "Internal Motivation" Which has always boosted her. She was always inspired by her friends who encourage her artworks which makes her live with this artwork. While she has received lots of encouragement by people, She has also faced some critics like its a waste of time, it won't Benefit you monetarily.

Whenever she receives some negative remark, it has only helped her to more perfect in her artwork.

Her perspective - every piece of her Art is the Best, but in others eyes a mandala which represents Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha and Durga are the most liked. Some of those arts were gifted to people as per their request.

Some of her art which she feels is very close to her heart:

She personally prefers different technical pens with different millimeter thickness. If she wants thicker lines then she prefers to go with 0.8mm and if thinnest then she prefers 0.5mm. She also prefers quality and branded products to get a good texture which makes the output soulful. She also prefers a watercolour background and she avoids rulers for strokes. In her own words “You need patience and perseverance for the mandala work and of course, it takes its own time for completion which is worth spending"

Her acknowledgeable moment was her art selected by PaaS studios and was also part of their music album that was launched. In addition a Mandala denoting Lord Nataraj was selected to promote an application called "arttora" which is also a platform to show up art related talents.

Her proudest moments are "A Glass painting mandala" in her school inside the principal office.

She prefers looking through many basic art forms of different artists initially and she tries to follow, when she gets flow she creates her own designs and stroke.

Mandala is a trending art currently and people are showing so much interest in learning it. She is also happy for the kids who are trying it with lots of patience and perfections in their work.

We team Adikozha feel proud and happy to welcome such a talented individual to our community. We

got your back!

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Social media details

Instagram page - @basicarts_kirthi

Facebook page - @kirthi priya

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