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Updated: May 3, 2020

“Work your craft; until it becomes an art form.” - Johnnie Dent Jr.

Art can be expressed in the simplest forms out there! Just like today's artist Mrs Mithila. She uses calligraphy to express the artist within her. For those who don't know what calligraphy is " Calligraphy is a visual art related to writing. It is the design and execution of lettering with a broad-tipped instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. "Mithila has completed my masters in Nutrition and dietetics. She works as a nutritionist during the day and practices art/calligraphy in the night. She's been practising calligraphy for the past one and a half years.

Everyone writes, what's special with her? According to Mithila Calligraphy is not only an art form but a therapy. She finds it very relaxing and visually appealing and improves concentration. She suggests others to practice calligraphy because it is a healthy hobby for many of us!

At first, Mithila was doing commissioned portrait works. But when a customer asks Mithila for a " happy birthday " in her work she started googling for some font reference. It all started there later while randomly surfing on the web she accidentally ended up with calligraphy. Begining was very hard for her especially with no one to guide her! the copy cat works later became her passion so she started working hard for this simple thing she found amusing. With constant practice and hard work, she has improved her skill a lot through these days!

”Fall seven times, stand up eight.” - Japanese Proverb.

Being an introvert and getting encouragement and support is a very hard thing only who have experienced such a thing can understand the struggle behind that. Mithila knows it well. As a confidant lacking individual it took an act of immense courage for Mithila to come up and share her artworks with others. Her brother Mr Naveen encouraged her to create an account both on Facebook and Instagram to showcase her art and lettering.

Her friend Ms Keerthana Showed her support by gifting her a set of branded brush pens in the beginning. Here are few words from Mithila herself for all who supported her,

" I'm thankful to everyone who has encouraged me as a very beginner. When I look back on my initial artworks, they have not been great but when I read the comments there, they have been positive and motivating which eventually has contributed to my consistency. "

Last but not the least, her family is super supportive. Her husband who is also her very good friend supports her a lot. As a photographer/cinematographer himself, he has been helping her click better photos of her art and set up videos for her live sessions and stuff since a month. Her inspiration? Mrs.Srilatha(@srisre_lettering) another lettering artist who inspires her on a daily basis. She loves learning from everyone around them.

It used to be a lot difficult for Mithila to balance my work and passion. She started a 100-day challenge to keep herself motivated every day and then it became her lifestyle. She makes sure, She set aside time every day to practice lettering.

Mithila is that one artist who loves the process than the output! Her recent favourite work is 'candy' and other favourite works of her is a calligraphy portrait of Gandhiji which she tried to make using words that describe him like 'Non-violence', 'Honesty', and so on.

Here are some of Mithila's acknowledgements and proud moments,

- She was invited to give a demonstration of brush lettering in a prestigious exhibition 'Akanksha' which happens every year in Bangalore.

- She teaches brush lettering and pencil calligraphy for a set of lettering enthusiasts by sending them short videos wherein she shares whatever she know and explain her way of doing calligraphy.

- According to her proudest moments are whenever people send her their works and tell me that she was the reason they did that. For her, it's Priceless happiness.

And finally here are some words from Mithila herself for those who practice calligraphy,

" Initially, to get hold of the principles of calligraphy is difficult but one should not give up. Calligraphy skills cannot be achieved in a day or a week. It requires a mindful practice. One can start by choosing good references and by analyzing them. To understand the aspects of design is a very important step in learning. With practice, comes consistency, and one will be able to develop or discover one's own style and eventually create a signature style. "

We team Adikozha proud and happy to acknowledge such a talented individual and a pure soul. We are extremely happy in welcoming you to our Creators Community with warm hearts. We got your back always!

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