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“The true use of art is, first, to cultivate the artist’s own spiritual nature.” - George Inness.

Micro art is something that demands our complete focus and dedication being a micro artist is not everyone's cup of tea. Meet Mounika from Telangana ( Hyderabad) she is the few exceptions of the above statement. She is a B.Sc (Microbiology) student in Secunderabad. Being the daughter of a businessman and a microbiology student she is into art and craft which is totally out of her comfort zone ( a quality of true passionate individual ).

Mounika started creating micro art in 2015 in her 10th grade. Her first piece of work is Narendra Modi (14th and current Prime Minister of India) in a piece of chalk. In the beginning, Mounika was doing this for fun and stress relief but later fell in love with the art form and continued doing that.

Mounika's mom is her biggest support system whenever she loses hopes. She gets her inspiration from Swarika, Mattan micro arts, micro artist Mannu these people are the source of inspiration for Mounika and continues to inspire her.

Being a student and making time for others is not an easy task and every student knows that including Mounika. She had a hard time making time for her artworks while managing her studies and yeah house chores. Late nights and free time in college comes to rescue. She loves all her works because the time and work she put in creating each one are immense but still the close to heart one is a Swastik in chalk.

Mounika enjoys carving and love to experiment with it. Till now the hardest of one to create is the Telugu alphabets in chalk. She has carved all Telugu alphabets in 2 chalk pieces and it took an astounding month to complete.

"Getting ideas is easier than making it on chalk piece," says Mounika. She uses google for new ideas and creates them in her own way and style, Like a true artist.

We team Adikozha happy and honoured to have such a talented person in our community. We got your back!

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