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Team ADIKOZHA is privileged in Introducing Logi THE Quote writer

1. Tell us about yourself and how did you become a quotes writer?

I'm Logi from Madurai . From my school days i like to hear and read quotes . Later i started writing quotes . It only make me as a quote writer

2. What do you enjoy about on writing quotes ?

Writing is a best thing . It is a best way to express our feelings and an emotions . It helps to attracts the people . Basically I'm a single child in my home . These quotes only make my loneliness into a pleasant thing.

3. On what language did u like to wrote your quotes and why ?

I would like to write in Tamil. Because Tamil quotes only inspired me lots . And Tamil is mother tongue it also be a big reason for that .And Tamil is easier than English to convey my thoughts . So only i choose Tamil

4. How do you define quotes?

Quote is the expression of the emotions . It helps people to communicate with their emotions .

5. Describe about your quotes writing experience?

Quote writing is a great experience in my life. It gives lots of memories , lots of experiences and many friends in my life . Quote writing is my only way to communicate with many unknown peoples . It shows me what is the world .

6. Tell us about some of the best quotes that you have written? 

I wrote many quotes . Some of them only took an important place in my note. "கரைதட்டிய கப்பல்" it is one of the favorite and best quotes of mine . On this title i told about the life of the middle class boy . It gives me many followers . And the another one is "மூன்றாண்டு காதல்" it is about the college life of the student.

7. Can you talk about the difficulties you faced during your quotes writing ?

I faced some minor difficulties on this way. The important one is my relatives didn't support me . And they said I'm not a writer i just copied others works and named it as mine . On that time my friends only supported me.

8. Who encourages you and how?

My friends and my college sir encourages me lot. He always said that after he became a businessman surely he sponsored me for write books. And my sir helps me to participate in the quote competition. He only registered my name on it. And i won on it. And also i won 3rd prize in the district level competition.

9. Who is your inspiration? 

My inspirations were "Thamarai" mam and "Pa.vijay sir"

10. What do you want to be in the future?

I want to be a famous writer . And would like to be lyric writer . And also i want to write many books.


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