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“The art of a people is a true mirror to their minds.” - Jawaharlal Nehru

Just like Jawaharlal Nehru said the person we have today is someone who has a beautiful and creative mind! meet LAVANYA, final year biotech student who chose art to bring out her ideas and thoughts. Lavanya loves sketching from childhood its been her hobby since then.

According to her Sketching is the way by which one can make others see and sketching involves learning. she loves learning new tricks and techniques from her each work and use them in on next one. in early days sketching used to be her hobby which later turned out as a passion.

"Art is a silver lining around your thoughts"- Gustav Klimt.

When we asked Lavanya what she enjoys most on sketching she replied: " Sketching involves hand-eye coordination and I feel that I develop the ability to focus on minute things (like the shades) and my happiness lies in bringing out my thought in a piece of paper with perfect lines/shades/dots in the form of a perfect sketch ". Lavanya describes sketching as not capturing something it's interpreting something which others can understand. she describes sketching as a VISION ON PAPER.

Every artist treasures his/her first sketching experience so did Lavanya. she started sketching when she's in her 5th grade. since then she started doing small sketches and participating in competitions. The encouragement and prizes she won during those events motivate her to take her sketching skills next level. One of her best works and the one she loves the most is dream catcher along with mandala art which she did as a wall painting for about 66-inch height and 45-inch width and also she has done pointillism art, doodle art, mandala.

Here are some of her artworks!

Lavanya gets her inspiration from herself and her own thoughts and encouragement from her parents and friends. One of the notable personality is her brother Yuthis (photographer). He is the one who identified her talents and gifted the sketching kit for her from which she started her sketch work and brought it to the next level. she also gave credits to her childhood bestie who constantly supports her.

In the future, Lavanya plans to sell her artworks at an affordable cost.

We team ADIKOZHA wishes you good luck with your future plans. We got your back always!

Contact information:

Insta id: @freda_arts

Mail-ID : t.lavanyavelu@gmail.com

BLOGGER: @that_odd_introvert

PUBLISHED DATE: 04-04-2020



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