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“It has been said that art is a tryst; for in the joy of it, maker and beholder meet.” - Kojiro Tomita.

Today's story is about a self-taught artist who's also an Engineer and C-TECH Multimedia Higher Diploma Graduate. Meet N. Vignesh Kumar, he's a micro and nano artist who also makes paintings and sculptures.

"It's an Art where your Love, Desire, Dreams, and Passion becomes infinite times bigger than the regular arts" - Vignesh.

Vignesh loved painting and sketching from his childhood and he constantly does some painting works until a day in his 9th grade he tried chalk carving without any tool but with his fingernail. Surprisingly the output was good than expected but even though he loved it he didn't do it for years. But in his college days, he made a gift of name carved in chalk for his friend everyone loved it. Then upon some research, he ended up Mr.Salavat Fidai's and Mr.Sachin Sanghe's Sculpting videos on YouTube. By which he learned the art of carving.

The people who introduced Vignesh to the world of micro arts also didn't fail to inspire him. Vignesh gets his encouragement and inspiration from Chalk Sculpturer Mr.Sachin Sanghe and Pencil Sculpturer Mr.Salavat Fidai. Especially Mr.Sachin use to show his support through DM's which is huge for Vignesh.

Vignesh as an artist loves his every single work! but here are few close to heart ones,

  • Sculpture of Eagle from 2.0 Movie.

  • Avengers End Game Chalk Sculptures.

  • Budgie Birds Pencil Sculptures.

Vignesh loves challenges, He always chooses the complicated and harder things to sculpt with which he learns a lot and continue to grow. But with the process, Vignesh always makes sure to give his uniqueness in every single work.

Here are several remarkable moments of Vignesh,

  • Have won the First prize for drawing and sculpting in my multimedia institute.

  • Have won an online art competition conducted by Publishnshareart art featuring page.

  • The Director of Multimedia Institute called him ‘Phenomenal Artist’.

And finally few words from Vignesh himself,

"As a Friend, I would say Don't hesitate to do what you feel to do. Of course, Mistakes may come in every work. But the more you learn to handle mistakes, the more Elegant your work will be. Most important...Pls, don't compare yourself with others. You are unique in your own style... Never ever try to hurt the feelings of others using both words and actions. Give your positivity to others so that you can gain them infinitely. It will make both the giver and receiver happier."

Social media info:

Instagram Art Page: https://www.instagram.com/vigneshrey

Facebook Art Page: https://www.facebook.com/vigneshreyy


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