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Team ADIKOZHA is privileged in Introducing Lakshaa THE ARTISTIC PAINTER


1. Tell us about yourself and how did you become a painter? 

hi i am Lakshaa i started my paintwork at schooling i am interested in drawings its only because of my drawing sir Saravanan. i am really grateful to him

2. What do you enjoy about on painting?

When i used to paint i am totally focused on it...and i forget all my worries

3.what type of painting did you paint and why did you select them ?

I do many types of paintings glass canvas watercolors even stone painting. It depends upon my orders and mood

4. How do you define painting? 

Painting gives me an stress free relaxation

5. Describe about your painting experience?

being an youngster i will have to learn more and need to gain more experience

6. Tell us about some of the painting that you have painted? 

canvas painting a girl with an umbrella i really loved it because it is one my best paintings i completed it in a day even if years passes by it will remains my master piece.

7. Can you talk about the difficulties you faced during your painting? 

The major problems which i have faced is get confused about shades,its difficult to choose the color combinations which to be given to my master piece

8. Who encourages you and how? 

My friends and my family .Even i started this page only because of the strong support of friends and family.

9. Who is your inspiration? 

still i didn't found my inspiration

10. What do you want to be in the future?

To show that the girls can also achieve their career with their passion.


Canvas painting

Colors cost rs .300

Frame cost:

A4 100rs

A3 150rs to 200rs

Painting image: depends upon orders

Glass painting

Glass cost: 40 rs

Colors: 100

Frame: 100 to 200 rs depends upon size

For more details

INSTAGRAM : Go green art works




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