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This world is but a canvas to our imagination - Henry David Thoreau

We have seen many forms of art throughout our journey. This one is a bit different. The technique of expressing their art through letters is called calligraphy. Meet Ms. Kavinmozhi or you may also know her as ckm.kavin. Kavinmozhi is an engineering pursuing first-year student and a self-taught Calligraphy artist. But her talent is not limited by calligraphy She also does doodle arts, typography, and pencil drawings.

Calligraphy is the art of forming beautiful letters. According to Kavinmozhi " whenever you do something with your mind as well as your body it touches your spirit. It is meditative in nature. Then calligraphy increases our patience and as well as your concentration and the most important thing calligraphy will make a way to make people happy! ". Apart from the business and art Kavinmozhi doing this for the smiles, she put in her audience faces.

Kavinmozha is always fond of art. She started calligraphy when she's in middle school. As every year moves she literally fell in love more and more with art and calligraphy. Then later she opened her Instagram handle and started sharing her works with others. She started to learn from any source she can find. She's a self-made artist indeed!

The marble not yet carved can hold the form of every thought the greatest artist has - Michelangelo.

Encouragement and support play a vital role in every artist's life. It's what that keeps them going. "People always encourage me," says Kavinmozhi. She has the best support system called family! and of course her friends! Her brother Dr. K. S. Loheshver is the first and best inspiration source of her. He constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement! She gets her calligraphy inspiration from Stefan Kunz and artistic others

For some passion is career but for others, it's two different sides of a coin. Being an engineering student Kavinmozhi always struggled to balance her passion and profession. To date, she learns how to manage both so she doesn't lose one for others.

For Kavinmozhi every piece of her work is special. But there are few close to heart ones too. They are,



" தமிழ் உள்ளவரை நம் இனம் வாழும் "

Some of the proudest moments in her passionate side were,

When she kept her works for display in a national level exhibition conducted by Tobuohimaan.

Her first online calligraphy workshop. " It was a great moment in my life," says Kavinmozhi.

She uses to search for many ideas through Instagram while she was a beginner in calligraphy and it continues so then she herself created her own styles for modern calligraphy. She was totally interested in creating new things every day that will make her take out the ideas outta mind and present it in a paper.

And finally here are some words from Ms. Kavinmozhi from herself!

To my legends, yeah of course " all are unique in their own talent ". So don't leave your passion for any case surely if you are more attracted to your passion for sure you won't leave it. To make a perfect word it won't leave you. Follow your passion and do what makes you happy and make others happy by your works and the word I use to say always just "spread the love of art ever to the world ". "If you never try you will never know" what you so just keep doing what you are doing one day you will be the master of it.

We team Adikozha proud and happy to acknowledge such a talented individual and a pure soul. We are extremely happy in welcoming you to our Creators Community with warm hearts. We got your back always!

Social media info: Instagram: @ckm.kavin

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