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"Dreams comes true jubilant In the world full of judgements competitions on the scale of precious Golds, silvers and Assets"

a jubilent craft-worker MS.Karthika proved Handmade jewellery can also be one among them Being a MSW student in Hosur she was known for her art-works and handmade jewellery.She shares her journey how she came to limelight in d midst of her own hardships

She said that her parents were her actual inspiration and motivated her to do such things. She thanked her advisors Mrs.Meenakshi and Mrs.Shirley George for fully supporting to do her passion. She took her encouragements and positive vibes as her pill when she falls down and made her passion true

She even started her journey with handmade jewellery when she was in her 6th grade. She had her own interest and passion for art and learnt all those stuff's on her own. The things Which she made were actually her own creativity and she never ever gone classes for enriching her talent. She always wanted her work to be unique and worthy. With the help of her own experience in her field of work during her entire journey made her dream comes true.

Persistent Hard-work on creativity made her what she is today. She made heresy oath that she should be recognised as a wonder women in making handmade jewellery and as she wishes she started shining

Similarly, she faced so many hardships throughout her journey thought she was not actually stopped by her parents yet her works were underrated in her early days... customers were started bargaining for money and invalid criticism put forth for her crafts

Those encouragements made her unique as well as her crafts...The very patience and practice were the root cause for her reach in crafts

Whenever she feels low she brings her up with positivity that she has to achieve and prove everyone that she is the best in art-craft and handmade jewellery. She does her craft wid perfect patience so that she can be a good craft worker and she also makes customised handmade jewellery as they wish, But brilliantly she managed all those stuff's and made a good opening in social media.

Her products were showcased in stalls and even in intercollege competitions. She said that when she was recognised as a member in Women Entrepreneur Beyond Boundaries program as her proudest moment, She just figured out all her ideas in the form of drawings, craftworks and showcasing those, She was also honoured for her talent in schooling and in the Young world (The Hindu)

She learnt something new from her works and she gathers ideas from her very friends who will give her back suggestions as a sort of her creativity

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome you to our creator's community. We love your work, your passion towards art and stuff, and your hard work. We got your back always!

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