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Meet Miss. Karthigha from Madurai an MBA graduate turns into a passionate photographer, she started develops her love towards nature, she dedicates her life to learn photography so she started working on many part-time jobs to learn VFX and more, which provides supporting hands for achieving her dreams.

Photographers can only see the world distinctly through the lens rather than ordinary people with Naked Eye - Karthigha

Initially, she started her photography journey with the help of mobile phones later she bought CANON 1100d from her savings money, after a very long time her dream became true "Queen Earned Her Crown!", she actually faced many rejected for his photography at the very earlier stages. It literally made her down, but later She did some good work which helps her to build some good bonds and families.

After the days gone Karthigha has turned into a professional photographer she gets some opportunities to express her talent on her passion, she takes Wedding and birthday photoshoots she felt proudest when peoples are happy when they saw their candid pics which has been taken by her.

"Don't Trust Words, Trust Pictures" -Karthigha

She put her ideas in photography and also in editing, digital arts, content creation and with regards to social awareness and issues. She did some sketch work every time before the Photoshoots and apply her script with new faces

Her professor pinned one of her photograph in notice board, its the first great acknowledgement for her. her mom's Gifted a "Canon 5d mark 1V" with one her savings to achieve her daughter goals " are some remarkable moments in her life


Be creative! That’s the thing we do always! To stand out of normal people, we have to think distinct and different. -Karthigha

INSTAGRAM: nevkarthisphotography

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome such a talented individual to our community. we got your back!

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