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Meet Miss Lavanya Muralidharan a passionated illustrate artist currently Studying her 3rd year of Bachelor of fine arts in Government College of fine arts. an interactive girl who get well with any Kind of people. her dedication and love toward art made her satisfaction towards her studies and she even teaches art for kids, "She sketches things and moments that made her happy as it stays as a memory in her sketchbook."

Never give up until you reach the success - Lavanya

She loves colours and she sees colours in a painting, How they actually look and feel and also how colours work together and how they fix the subject of the paint and how the artist had mixed them and she also sets the mood and atmosphere of the painting whether it's like clam or content or cheerful or depressed or romantic etc., And then the composition and how the artist decided to present it.

She initially gets inspired by her mother's drawings and handicrafts works. later her teacher Mrs.Mary Venmathi mam found her talent in art and trained her. She stays up all day and paints there. She believes that painting is the only thing that made her happier than other things.

Lavanya's family had never stopped showing their support for her success. Especially her college friends make her know a lot of things on art and support her a lot. she inspired by many even especially in kids

In this Cruel World, everyone judges things by its looks and not what they doing it happened as it is. initially, Lavanya faced hardships during her childhood but her artwork made people look at her. so she started to work a lot in art. art helped her getting more people into her life. in her schooling times, she faced many discouragements on her looks. but she never loses her faith and stood strong. later her college days she met a people all are same interests as her. They never made her think about her illness.

Rejections in portrait orders made work a lot in it and she taking orders successfully now.

"I am not done with art". "Art is an ocean Me and you have a lot to learn from it" ~Lavanya

some of her favourite works

She never did a painting forsake. And also she applies her favourite colours when she chooses oil and acrylic medium. If She is not satisfied with the original she applies her own. Moreover, it's her painting and does her favourite colours.

And finally here are few words from Lavanya herself,

Putting Your work into the world is scary. once it's out that is no longer yours. Do it anyway. People will bring new insights and meaning to it. preserve your artworks. Believe in your own ideas. Never mind the ratings of your artwork given by others. Never paint for the sake of others. love and put yourself in it.\

We team #Adikozha proud and happy to have such an amazing and talented person in our creator community. We got your back always!

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