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Hola!! Meet Priyanka, A 2016 batch civil Engineer who is working as a Financial Assistant in a Private firm. As an avid Art lover, she kept her childhood passion of becoming an artist in her heart even while pursuing her professional life and started drawing during post-graduation. Apart from Art, she enjoys cup of Tea every day. In Priyanka’s opinion, Art brings peace and joy to her soul. She likes both traditional and digital art forms. She draws her heart out and gives visual form to all her dreams in a piece of paper. That gives her a great joy and a sense of achievement as an artist.

She started her Art journey by mid of 2018 as a diversion from her personal issues and stress she was feeling back then Gradually, she developed her art skills which also enabled her to clear her mind space and bring happiness to herself and the people around her. She aspires to learn new art forms every day and wishes to master them by practising frequently.

She feels that one can learn a great deal from their surroundings if they are willing to learn.

She says “Though we may face criticism initially in any work , it’s the persistence that differentiates us from their critics.” We have to heed to our well-wisher’s thought and ignore negative criticism in order to be successful.

She feels that impressing a person close to her heart with her drawing was her proudest moment and she wishes to bring joy to all her well-wishers by her art work.

Few inspiring words from Priyanka to Budding Artist , Keep focussing on your passion with hard work and dedication while ignoring negativity around is the path to success.

Check out her impressive Instagram handle “illustrationbypriyanka” to get blown away by her skills .

We team Adikozha happy and honoured to have such talented person in our community. We got your back!

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