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Immensely talented artist Dipika


Meet Dipika Talukdar, an immensely talented artist having her roots in Assam. She is a Physics postgraduate, currently a freelance graphic designer and artist. Dipika seems to love physics as much as she loves art.

          Her initial years always saw her winning various art competitions and awards in school and college. One of her proudest moment was when she had done for more than 100 art TEACHERS (not students) from various schools in Bangalore hosted by the well-loved stationery brand, Faber Castel.

         During her schooling, her dad got her and her elder brother enrolled in art classes and that sparked her interest. However, she had to take a break when studies became the need of the hour. Dipika eventually rediscovered her artistic talents during her college days. Art has always been a solace, an activity to look forward to in her hard times. It gives her immense pleasure to be able to get lost in her creation and satisfaction when she finishes it.

When it comes to the technicality of art, she has always experimented with different

mediums during different phases of her life. Once watercolour and oil paints had been her favourite. Currently, she takes a keen interest in moulding her skills in pencil and portrait work. She tries to keep it simple and rooted. For her monochrome works, she draws inspiration from detailed black and white photographs of people with expressive faces. Working on realistic portraits, she learnt to be detail-oriented and patient. Ever since she had garnered interest in working with monochrome, she realised that art requires practice and honing of skills despite possessing inborn talent.

There had been a fair share of difficult times as well when she was stuck in a dilemma of whether she should continue her career in physics or pursue her dreams. She decided to sort out her confusion introspectively and then implement it in her life. Once she figured what she wanted to do, she was very strong and determined.

For an artist, there are always certain pieces which are close to their heart. We asked Dipika for her favourite. She showed us a sketch of an old man in charcoal and pencil, done way back in 2016. It holds a special place in her heart as that was her first time trying hyper-realistic work and it got an overwhelming response. She believes that it was her stepping stone to reach where she stands now. She showed us two more recent work of hers, a cat and other of a few happy faces of 4 kids.

Finally a few inspiring words from the artist herself,

‘There are so many crazy artists and immensely talented people out there. All I can say is never to give up on our dreams and never to take your skills as granted. Always try to find yourself in the appreciation of life.’

We team Adikozha happy and honoured to have such a talented person in our community. We got your back!

Instagram: pencilncolors_dipika

Facebook: DipikaTalukdarArts

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