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Gowsalyaa - The mandala artist

Gowsalyaa Mandala artist

Meet Ms.Gowsalyaa from Gobichettipalayam. A story of a corporate employee turned up into a passionate Artist. Generally, Art can be expressed in many forms out there! Just like Gowsalyaa. She uses many forms like watercolour, mandalas to express the artist within her

Mandalas require a lot of patience and passion - Gowsalyaa

"Mandala" is one of the best forms of art which personally makes her realize that to discover the inner peace of the universe, Mandala regulated her thoughts and gave her a purpose.

Mind, Body and Soul are co-ordinated during the drawing of a mandala. - Gowsalyaa

She started arts from her childhood, later examination make her busy and she forgets doing her art and didn't even bother that it existed, During her college, she has been more stressed due to some serious personal issues, That time, she came across her college senior Prasun's (Prasun fine arts) Mandalas. She been more attracted and got inspired towards mandalas later she started practising it and exploring other art forms, Mandala helped her to come out of stress and gave her inner peace. she continued to do more, to discover her inner self.

Encouragement and support play a vital role in every artist's life. It's what that keeps them going. She constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement from her friends, suggestion and good critic help her to grow, her prime inspiration is always Prasun [senior]. She guided her on her initial days of choosing art materials, how to start doing and proceeding with it.

Inspiration is an unconscious burst of creativity she gets inspired by many artists in Instagram who inspires her daily to create more and more.

Practising arts improve focus, multi-tasking abilities -Gowsalyaa

She always struggled to cope up with her work schedule as she was not a full-time artist back then. But she somehow managed to spend her weekends for her love for art, initially, she struggles more to get recognised, she felt not getting the right recognition she decided to give up, But soon she realized and promised her, to learn more, to be better than yesterday and to be her own competition.

Art is a key to discovering your own self and is not a race to run -Gowsalyaa

Gowsalyaa loves her every single piece of work but when we asked for favourite she listed the five below,

Every artist deserves the recognization and support, Here are few from Gowsalyaa,

1. Her Mandala design has been published in a mandala colouring book named BLOSSOM

2. received a certificate of being it's one of the co-creator.

And finally here are few words from Gowsalyaa herself,

Keep practising and practising, don't compare yourselves. Enjoy the process of doing arts. Arts should give you peace and do not get discouraged by likes and follows.

Social media info

Instagram - @gous_arts

Facebook - Gous arts 

Website - www.gousarts.com

We team Adikozha feel proud and happy to welcome such a talented individual to our community. We got your back!

Comment your wishes to Gowsalyaa below :)

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