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“Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out” - Martin Scorsese.

The personality today we have here is a different one from others. He is a combination of the technical artist! Meet SK. Gopinath from Rameshwaram. He is a BCA student from Syed Ammal arts and science college. With his knowledge in computer science and interest in art he literally combined both to become a movie editor. He also holds another undergraduate degree in B.Sc Multimedia.

According to him, Editing is a form of art that gives life to that raw footage from the camera. " Editing is the heart of the movie and moreover equal to direction, " says Gopinath. Editors are the ones who bring that vision of the director with that raw clips. It completes the movie. Without editing its rather a video clip than an artwork.

Gopinath started his journey in 2017 from Image creative and media institute. since then he never stopped learning and growing. After all its all about learning and growing in the end!

“When given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit.” - Robert Rodriguez.

Gopinath's biggest source of encouragement and support is his college professor Mr. Faith. He is the one who pushed and showed constant support for his Mr. Bean Tamil version. Speaking of inspiration Jordy Vandeput and Philomin Raj are the persons who he admires the most. Gopinath too faced loads of hardships and struggles throughout his journey. As a guy with dreams from a middle-class family, his family situation is the constant struggle he overcomes with hope and smile.

Gopinath doesn't care about the story or the size of the video while he is editing. What all matters are his personal touch in every bit of his work! Yes! Editors, too have a personal touch in their works. Some of his close to heart works are,

The moment he considers as his proudest moment is when he got appreciation from editor Mr. Ruben and Director Mr. Mithran for a Tamil movie "Hero" movie-making video. Everything is fine but how does he do it, what is so special with Gopinath? First he analysis the entire story then he visually understands what kind of story it is and he expresses the story through his cuts to all mediums of people.

And Finally here are few words from Gopinath himself,

" So many peoples I saw more interested in this field. personally I will say, Pradeep Kumar. I admire VFX works he placed in his videos and his creative ideas. "

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome such a talented young personality to our community. We got your back!

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