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“Art and love are the same things, It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.” - Chuck Klosterman.

Like the above statement the person today we have is special for her perspectives. Meet Gayathri from Nellore state of Andrapradesh, India. Gayathri is a micro artist as well as a miniature artist. She holds some talent that most of us never heard of or only can imagine! so what's that? She can write up to 95 letters in a single grain of rice! Yes, you heard that right Rice! and what else she can paint in sesame seeds! and rice grain all these without any magnifying tools! She is really a talented person!

She literally can write in anything! for example, she can write in vermicelli. she can carve rice grain,0.5 lid lid,0.7 lid, paper, leaves, pencil, chalk, and what else not!

We all know that one guy who write names in rice grain and sell it as a keychain in tourist most of the popular tourist spots! We all love that right? Well, Gayathri took that love to the next level and started working on them. Years later she literally mastered it. In her college days, she started implementing and experimenting more later she became a micro artist.

Her greatest source of support and motivation? It's none other than her family itself. Her elders never failed to encourage her when she needed it and she got very supportive siblings too and friends ! What else one needs? Her inspiration? Dr.Willard Wigan a micro sculpture from England.

Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.

Gayathri has faced loads of ups and downs throughout her journey. Especially while writing on a rice grain. Even without magnifying tools, it's a hard task but somehow she managed to bring it out without any help. She knows very well that the failures are the stepping stones towards success, Without failure, one can't learn and grow.

Gayathri loves her artworks and every single of them. As I mentioned above she loves experimenting and she constantly explores new forms of art and stuff. Her best? painting lord Vinayaka on sesame seed (according to her ).

Being an incredibly talented person, Gayathri holds many awards, some of them are,

- India book of records. - Bravo international book of world records. - Credency book of records. - She got selected as 3rd winner of the artist of the year 2020 which was conducted by the bravo international book of world records.

She also has plans to get placed in the LIMCA book of records.

And finally here are some words from Gayathiri herself for other budding micro artists out there,

" don't let your creativity down, Be creative and unique "

We team Adikozha wishes for your future projects and very happy to welcome you to our community of creators! We got your back!

Social media info:

Pinterest:- microartist gayathri Instagram :- microartist_gaya3

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