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“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” - Anni Albers.

Every good composition is above all a work of abstraction. All good artists know this. Today's artist is a queen of abstraction and an ambivert from Kolkata! Meet Ms. Diparati, currently in Chennai. Diparati trip over zentangle accidentally about a year and a half ago and eventually fell in love with this art form and continued doing that. She even started practising mandala art lately!

Diparati's journey starts from a zentangle book that's where this story begins, then youtube comes into the scene. Diparati is a self-made artist with the books and a little help from youtube she mastered the art of zentangle! In the very beginning, Diparati was amused by the fact that the simple creation process results in exquisite work.

Here's a fun fact about zentangle from Diparati - "erasers are not allowed during the creation of Zentangle art as a thumb rule. That is because you can make mistakes but they have to end up being a part of your finished artwork, adding to its beauty."

Diparati gets her inspiration from her closest one - her family and friends, They are the ones who pushed her to pursue this art form. Their constant support and encouragement fuel her. Inspiration? Diparati's is from her fellow artists! "There are so many talented artists I look up to, whose works I regularly follow" - says Diparati.

Now let's talk about Imposter Syndrome, (Many artist's nightmares) Impostor syndrome is a psychological pattern in which one doubts one's accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a "fraud". Diparati had to overcome this and constantly fight her internal voice. Noticing and understanding the issue is the first step in defending ourselves from this inner war.

Diparati's favourite works are #PassTheBrush challenge or you may know it as #DontRushChallenge she's the one who took this initiative and the next one is a collaboration post with Aarti Amonkar (@the_creative_palette). Finally, her golden moment is her first mandala workshop! "That was the day when I realized that not only the process of creation but the process of imparting knowledge about this art-form is therapeutic as well" - says Diparati.

Every artist deserves the recognization and support, Here are few from Diparati,

Her first ever Mandala art workshop.

The first sale of her art products.

First ever-glowing review of her stickers from a customer.

Interviews with 7Tint Magazine, Mile Krafted, Plapp.in.

Diparati also shares her secret as "I actually let myself go once I hold the pen and let my mind work its way into creating the artwork." Her favourite ones are black and white ones!

And finally here are few words from Diparati herself,

"Stay away from the two evils which I mentioned before - Imposter Syndrome and comparing your work with other artists’ works who are way more experienced than you. Instead, utilize that time towards the betterment of your work. If someone’s work inspires you, let them know, it makes their day! If you want to recreate someone else’s artwork, take their permission, and if they say yes, do give them credit for the original work once you post your recreation. Have fun and lose yourself in the process of creation, it’s the best feeling!"

social media info:

Instagram: @entangled_in_zentangle

Facebook: @EntangledInZentangle

Behance: @diparatisen

LinkedIn: @diparatisen

We team #Adikozha proud and happy to have such an amazing and talented person in our creator community. We got your back always!

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