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A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament - Oscar Wilde


Every person has some passion knowingly or unknowingly. Some realize them and work for them and only a few put their everything for the work they love to do! such a personality is

Dr. Loheshvar from Chennai, Being a civil engineering graduate Loheshvar always loves to experiment and push himself to the extreme for his passion. Such a well pushed and molded skill turned out something irreplaceable for Loheshvar. MICRO-ARTS yes! Loheshvar Carves in leads of pencils and that's not even the best part! Loheshvar holds multiple world records for carving all 247 Tamil letters in pencil leads.

Loheshvar believes in hard work. The effect he puts into his every work is evidence of his dedication and hard work. According to Loheshvar micro art is a combination of various art fields together. It is a process of converting a 2-dimensional sketch into 3-dimensional sculpture with great accuracy and precision. It involves Sketching, Anatomy, and sculpture. Later macro photography is done for presentation purposes!

THE BEGINNING Loheshvar had good art skills since childhood. He always dream of becoming a cartoonist in his childhood. Later in life, he eventually got to know about sculpting in pencil leads. Purely out of curiosity he tried to copy the work he saw in the newspaper. He used a sharpener blade for sculpting but didn't turn out well. Later in college Loheshvar gifted his friends his artworks people seem loved it then later decided to do it commercially that's how all this started in GIFURLUV 2018.

The desire to change is one of the most important factors in goal setting but it is not enough to have that desire just once. The desire for change must be maintained throughout the process and that is what motivation really is! Loheshvar is surrounded by supporting and encouraging people Friends, family and teachers act as his constant support system which took him to the level where he is now.

Loheshvar was blessed with a great girl who broke stereotypes of a regular girlfriend and pushed him towards success. In fact, she's the one who encouraged him to do it as a business. While encouragement is one of the mandatory things for success it's not enough. For an artist, Inspiration is the most important thing to kick start. Loheshvar got his inspiration from his brother from another mother Mr. Kailash

“ A creative life cannot be sustained by approval any more than it can be destroyed by criticism." - Will Self

THE IDENTITY Mindset plays an important role in a person's growth. Every one of us at any point in life must face this destructive thing called criticism. Loheshvar did too. But instead of letting others making him down, he looks at them from a different perspective. He has an ear for criticism as they notice and tell him the flaws that he missed so he now has a chance to fix them. Unlike others, Loheshvar keeps his every work close to heart. As each work carries a different story each one is special to our creator! Art gave Loheshvar his identity. He enjoys it when someone admires his works. He explains the happiness as priceless when someone likes his artwork. It's like a dope that drives him further.Loheshvar considers his friends and family calling him ARTIST as the first-ever acknowledgment.

Here's the list of awards and acknowledgments he got over years,

1, He was the first person to carve all the 247 Tamil Alphabets over individual pencil lead and his efforts and love towards his mother tongue got him few world records. It was recorded at Kalams book of records, Futurekalams book of records, India book of records and Universal achievers book of records.

2, He was awarded a Doctorate by UNIVERSAL TAMIL UNIVERSITY for his efforts on carving the Tamil Alphabets for awareness.

3, He was awarded as "Best achiever of the year 2019" by INTERNATIONAL KALAM'S GOLDEN AWARDS (IKGA).

4, He was approved as a Micro-artist by the Handicrafts department of India and was given an Artisan Id card.

5, JEPPIAAR SRR engineering college organized a program and Awarded him with trophy and cash for his achievements.

6, He was invited as an Entrepreneur to deliver a speech in front of students.

7. DANIEL THOMAS has first place to identifies and motivate his talent

TO FELLOW ARTIST " I have seen many people who focus only on money and block their creativity inside lettering's alone. Explore different mediums of art and do a lot of sculpting. Art is the way one could express things that words couldn't. Don't focus on likes or what other people will think about your work get involved in the process of learning and do works to your fullest. Participate in exhibitions celebrate every person you know and help your beginners. Spread peace, love and Art "

Loheshvar! We are stunned by your talent and achievements and team Adikozha proud to have you here in our community and genuinely happy for your success and looking for much more in the future. Good luck! We got your back always.

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