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Divya Kaviyarasan the Sketching artist

Divya Kaviyarasan the Sketching artist

“Painting is just another way of keeping a diary” Pablo Picasso.

Painting is an art form that takes years to master and a masterpiece requires a lot of patience and skill. So there are very few who are fond of painting and very few continue to love that. One such a talented person is Ms. Divya Kaviyarasan From Vilupuram, Who also BA Graduate in BFA Government College of fine art, Egmore. She is a self-taught artist. She Has Keen interest in painting and Graphite drawings.

"Sketching is a three dimensional feeling to a flat image such as a drawing on a painting, imagination is all time her own style," - Divya

Divya's 3rd standard mam Mrs. Mary found her talent, Divya used it as a chance to bunk her classes since she participated in drawing competitions. She completes her school and college, attending the fine art entrance it was a turning point for her, it gives her new and clear view of painting knowledge.

Divya's family and her soul friends encouraged her a lot but her mom Mrs.Chithara is the biggest support system for her Because she wants to see her daughter as a successful woman. She has a lot of inspiration around her and she said every women's inspiration because they are bold and strong.

She faced so many struggles she had to travel 8 hours of train travel for her college. So that she has little amount of time for her drawings and sketchings. Economically she is down for buying painting material, so her friends helped her out. Her Travelling hour mostly used for sketching and watching the beauty of nature.

"Some true souls every time helped me"

Her art is she has to create from her introspect and put on a canvas is 50% of it, And the other 50% is being viewed and interrelated in another own individual manner, its a complete cycle"Success is not final, failure is not fatal.. its the courage to continue the counts" She Got Silver medal in Shakespeare award creative skill.

Painting is a medication in itself, one cannot describe the beauty of art in few on more words it is beyond description it is a satisfaction which one can only feel cannot express in words, #Practice, #Practice -Divya

Her biggest influence is the way of her journey as an Artist, the famous artist Rajasekharan. I was so inspired by his art style and the masterpiece he has created.

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