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The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before - Neil Gaiman.

Many youngsters today simply lack vision and passion. Many are pursuing degrees not because they wanted to, but they told so. But there are some who simply proved otherwise! Meet Disha a full-time artist and who holds a BFA degree. She is a mandala artist who is practising this for almost a year and a half now! Even though she during her college days didn't have exposure to the mandala art form but she came across it after her degree and it was love at first sight.

"Mandala is very therapeutic and also something which has very deep meaning (Balance and Eternity,)" - Disha.

In the beginning, Disha used to do graphic designs as most artists do in the beginning. later on Instagram she explored this new concept of art and starts practicing it on a regular basis. But unexpectedly she ended up as a full-time mandala artist. As she practicing mandala she fell in love more with each day passes by.

Everything inspires a true artist, Disha too gets her inspiration from everything around her. Every little thing sometimes can become the greatest source of inspiration for her artworks. Speaking about encouragement and support she gets it a lot from her family. They are the ones who encouraged her to create an account on Instagram and showcase her works. But after some time she started receiving positive and encouraging reviews and feedbacks from people who loved her work. That gave her immense confidence and boost as she came to know that people are actually loving her works. Day by day she formed a network of artists and a community that loves her works.

Mandala is a way of life rather than yet another art form. -Disha

Beginnings are always hard so for Disha. She always struggled to cope up with her work schedule as she was not a full-time artist back then. But she somehow managed to spend at least a time of 30 minutes for her love for art. Well, that paid off in the end and also it helped her to relax from the work stress.

She tries to improve her skills every day and come up with unique concepts such as including various shapes and colours in her Mandalas. In acrylic, she mostly tries to paint serene landscapes as it helps her in relaxing and calm down her stress.

As an introvert Disha loves to give back to the community. She described her greatest achievement as teaching over 60 students in her recent online classes. She sees her pride in other's artworks which is inspired by herself. "I also feel overwhelmed and proud when people show me their works saying I am the inspiration for them," says Disha.

At last here are few words from Disha herself for the beginners who are passionate about mandala,

" People who are interested in Mandalas or Acrylic painting, just start from scratch with whatever you have. It is going to be difficult at the initial stages but with practice, you will grow and try to be consistent with your work. Don’t compare yourself with others, as that will not be helpful. Look for references, tutorials, and inspirations. Don’t just copy, go for brainstorming, experimenting, researching, and come up with ideas that are yours. This will help you create your own style which will differentiate you from others.

I would always say, whenever you start with some kind of art form, make sure you are doing it for the sake of purely enjoying the process. Start from the basics, as this will help you in the long run. Don’t rush into creating. Enjoy the process of creation so that you can experience the joy of the final outcome. Nothing comes easy, not everything has to be perfect, but learn to be patient and hardworking, to achieve success. "

We team Adikozha proud and happy to have such an inspiring and passionate individual in our community. We love your work and we got your back! Always!

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