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Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Team ADIKOZHA is privileged in Introducing the young Drummer Mr. Daniel, giving you even more ideas to create great grooves and beats!

Meet 20 Year Old Mr.Daniel.He is A Drummer.He plays Drums More than 10 Years. Yeah That's Right He played Since He was 10.

He Used to Watch People playing Drums in His Church And He inspired and He learned Drumming.He also Do percussion in His Church.

He Says Drumming Is all about styles.learning styles for drumming is not a challenging Phase for him!

He inspired by everyone who Plays drums! So Generous of you, Buddy! The Reason why he inspired by anyone is Everyone Have their unique own style and He can able to update His strategies That is why he inspired by anyone.

His favorite legends are Sivamani (Drums Sivamani), Ranjit Borat, Darshandoshi and David Joshep.

He thinks his dedication is his strategy.If you want to reach your desired level you should Dedicated to your work.

He says, If you wanna be a Good Drummer You should Learn the Good and New techniques and things.

He wants to play with David joseph chennai. because of his intelligence and Cool when, He already said that he inspired by everyone who plays Drums so David joseph is also his inspiration

For new learners, Don't give up and Be curious to learn various styles.He Thinks study your audience is important. Good Words Buddy! Keep Rock the World!

Contact number : 9789512704

E-mail : do6something@gmail.com


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