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" If you can dream it, You can do it " - Walt Disney

In accordance with the above quote, a hard-working juvenile self-taught artist Chanthru B.Com's 2nd year from the Madurai Institute of Social Science College made his passion very true.

He was very much interested in drawing says that he finds such an immense pleasure only in drawing so he decided to choose drawing as his passion. He always wanted to add some sort of uniqueness in his drawings that's why he is somewhat different from others. And he says from every art of him he learns something to be done and not to be done. He just splashed his creative ideas in his paintings /drawings only because he wants his new creation to stand a little higher than his previous art. He also believed that "Hard work always pays off ", fortunately, it happened to him. No man becomes great within a day like that his consistent hard work and hope made him move forward.

Truly speaking he was actually rejected for his drawings at the very earlier stages and the saddest part was his mother refused to appreciate his hidden talent. It literally made him down and he just made a promise himself that one fine day I will surely make my parents proud through my passion and as he wished he made it.

In short, his persistent refusals, enmity, discouragements were the actual reason behind his reach but the good thing is he cares for none. He was sanely in love with drawings things which his eyes find attractive. He says that the reason behind his reach was actually shared by his very confidante Roshan n his father. He says that without them he is not "what he is right now."

Being a sort of pedestal his very confidante Roshan brings his work into the light. He taught him how to upload his works on social media and aided him as he could. He also made his prints in celebrity's lives too. He has drawn the pictures of actors Saravanan (the villain of Raatchasan movie) Siva Karthikeyan, Robo Shankar, and those people who were amazed by his drawings and wished him the best. He was also blessed by the veteran actor Padma Shree Vivek by presenting him with a portrait made by his movie lyrics/dialogues. Vivek got astonished he came and wished him. During his schooling, he was actually bullied by his fellow mates for his drawings but he took those discouragements as a key to gain success. And he is not an exceptional case in "typical Indian parents mindset" his mother never let him draw because she thought that he would rather settle in drawing than in studying.

Only after joining college made his parents understand his passion and how hard he was trying to hit high. He has drawn the picture of actor Vijay too and posted it on social media. So he says that from a freelance drawing to drawings in favor of others he made everything can be possible.

He says that he learns from his own drawings. The movies that he watched earlier was the actual inspiration behind his drawings. At present, he is an upcoming artist and he wants to become a great artist. He had received so many certificates by joining in intercollege drawing competitions. He says he is not the one who believes a bronze material as an award rather his family, friends, and his followers were the actual awards for him. And ultimately he makes a conclusion by saying that "To all beings, nothing is impossible if you really have the will to do that". "If you do so then definitely you will succeed one fine day". Persistent Hard-work Pays off.

We team Adikozha proud and blessed to have such an extraordinary person in our team. We welcome you to our community and wish you good luck with your future projects! We got your back always!

Blogger: Archana Radhakrishnan.

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