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“If the photographer is interested in the people in front of his lens, and if he is compassionate, it’s already a lot. The instrument is not the camera but the photographer.” - Eve Arnold.

For some passion is life and for some life is passion, not everyone can understand that fine silver line that differentiates these two statements but the personality today can absolutely understand this! Meet Mr. Chanakyaa Sathish from Pondichery.  When we say " life is passion " we meant it literally! yes! Chanakyaa is now 20 and already did 20+ movies " Azhagu kutty Chellam, Aadhavan ' Junior Surya', Orey kadal (malayalam Movie), etc ", 16+ serials, ad's, and more. Being a visual communication student from Loyola College, Chennai. Chanakyaa is someone who is only many can dream of. It's not easy for him like the statement. He almost spent his entire life in this industry made mistakes, learned, and grew to the point where he is now! 

" Photography is where the memories are kept alive well I like to share my memories! " says Chanakyaa. Capturing the moment with his lenses is his favorite hobby. He describes his works as a representation of himself. Like any other art form, he uses his photographs to express his inner self. With the power of freezing time, Chanakyaa traps the moment forever with Emotions, Aesthetics, Perspective, and more!

At the young age of 5 with the love of animals and with a 3 mp small Korean mobile Chanakyaa started clicking self-portraits with the animals he hung out with! Suddenly that armature photographer started getting feedback and love from people! At that very moment, Chanakyaa understood something that he can make others smile through his photographs, he felt that influence that he made through his pictures and enjoyed doing that! Driven by this dope people gave him he started out with pet photographs, Unorthodox self-portraits, and then later he started focusing more on candid because he loved capturing smiles in the people's faces.  Even later while experimenting Chanakyaa found out his passion for portraits (especially Female) and colors. 

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” - Unknown.

Chanakyaa gets his encouragement from people who love and applauded for the pictures. Support from his family who got his back till to date. Chanakyaa's father is a photographic enthusiast so when Chanakyaa approached his father about his passion for photography he understood him and started helping him in his path towards his dream. Then the portfolio he did later gave him loads of love and support from people and pushed him forward. Chanakyaa gets his inspiration from everything around him and not from any particular source or something! he notices and learns everything possible from almost everything. He loves the minimalistic and simplest things that others don't find attractive! 

“Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.” - Stephen King.

When we asked chanakyaa what's the one thing that could ruin you he replied with the answer " ME ". As an ever learning individual Chanakyaa had a hard time with himself when he doubted himself. He started looking for validation and meaning in everything he did soon later started comparing his works with others without realizing that even each photograph he took carries a different story. As he started progressing he found out that he's been looking at others paths for ups and downs instead of his own and understood that's his major mistake then worked on them. after all, progress is about discovering mistakes and rectifying them. He did the same! Chanakyaa believes that every art is art. There is no good art and bad. It's that the reflection of one's inner self than dark and creep art. Even criticism can be constructive if you believe. Apart from these, there are professional struggles he got ghosted many times on the workday and people often take advantage and leave him with no paycheck.

Chanakyaa loves making people wonder and question. He prefers to show people naturalism than the artificial ones. As we mentioned earlier Chanakyaa loves colors too he spends a lot of time experimenting with his photographs. playing with colors, emotions, and the overall feel is his favorite thing to do. In many cases, it left people wondering and gazing! 

According to him, his greatest achievement is the honest feedbacks of people about his works! and the people's excitement when they see his pictures, apart from this Chanakyaa has several awards too, 

"passionate photographer of the year"

"Best cinematographer"

"College events"

He describes his proudest moment when his family said that buying him a DSLR camera is a good choice. He sees that as proof of his growth, progress, and achievement!

Here are a few words from Chanakyaa himself,

" Do what you do, never let anyone say what you do isn't beautiful! Don't give out to negativity because definitely you are gonna get them, learn to suppress them beautifully .! If you like what you create? never let anyone stop I' know for sure, there's always someone around the world who can get your perspective you just have to wait! Be who you are! that's what makes your art yours! Don't let lack of gadgets be your reason not to try ! find a way! be consistent and frequent don't procrastinate ( I have the habit of procrastinating trust me not a good output ), and finally don't hesitate and miss an opportunity, be ready and be open to everything! Just go with the flow! go with your instincts it will never let you down, Be open to being pushed down, cheated, be bold and humble enough to approach when you need help! remember you have the power to freeze time, which is amazing so do justice by staying true to what you do most importantly if you feel you can help someone? do so! STAY AWESOME, BE YOU. KEEP SMILING! "

We team Adikozha proud and happy to have such a talented individual in our community! We welcome you with the warmest heart and we got your back always! Good luck and congrats on your future projects and what you have already done! 

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