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“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.” - Vincent Willem van Gogh.

Today we have a special person, special in many perspectives. Till now we have seen people who chose an art form and excelled in it but the person today we have here is just an artist who does a variety of art forms, Let's say multitalented! Meet Ms.Bhargavi a mixed media artist based out of Chennai! She always looks forward to new opportunities to become a better person to grow and spread her love for Art. She does commission artworks, logo designing, pattern designing, creatives for companies and trying to indulge more into digital art recently.

Art to her is a part of life, she has never been apart of art. She loves to explore every kind of art medium, but her most loved mediums to work with are pen & watercolours. To her becoming an artist is a very internal journey and you have to explore within yourself and learn your own language.

She had always been an art person right from my childhood. But after she took up engineering as my domain, she never actually sat down to draw. She felt the creative side in her getting dull and then she decided to do something that would truly make her happy. She picked up a pen and started doing random doodles and zen tangles. The result was nothing but pure satisfaction. She felt like she had finally found herself back. And now, It has turned into her Profession. It singled her out from the rest and gave her a unique identity.

From the beginning she was able to figure out her career path, so her parents and husband are super supportive in all aspects, Obviously, once you show the proof, people around you will slowly realize the vision towards your journey. There are many things that inspire her like architecture, nature, and the symmetry of things. The world around her inspires her as well as her life and her moods. And also her creative process usually gets fueled by the Internet especially Pinterest to know about the trending.

She has not felt such major hardships until now, because she always feels that there are definitely going to be ups and downs which is unchangeable, so she would always stay stable to everything that comes by her way.

She is always fascinated by the art form called Mandala, every time she draws a Mandala it gives her a sense of relief and immense satisfaction than any other art form. So her best works would be her Mandala arts or the artworks which are Incorporated with that style.

As mentioned before, personal touch in all her works would be the essence of Mandala or traditional designs Incorporated with any kind of theme. Rather than mandalas, she loves to incorporate the hatching technique in her artworks.

She has worked with a lot of clients for customized artworks/badges/magnets/phone covers, logo designs and stuff like that and once it's done she receives immense gratitude from them and that is what keeps me doing what she loves, that would be the greatest and proudest moments in my life. It gives a sense of meaning to her life.

Before proceeding with the fair sketch of any artwork, she used to think and explore a lot about the idea or the main element which she had in her mind. Then she tries to incorporate other elements that will bring the artwork a complete look and makes a rough sketch of it. Once she is okay with the theme she starts to make the fair work. This is how she tries to manage to work on different mediums.

And finally here are few words from Bhargavi herself,

"Play with an assortment of mediums until you find what feels right, but always be open because the future may hold surprises. Practice, persevere and practice some more. Have fun and enjoy the process—even the pieces that seem like goofs are all part of the learning."

Social media info,

Instagram: @aesthetic.pulse

Educational Instagram account: @madrasartchannel

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