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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is a painting that is felt rather than seen.” - Leonardo da Vinci.

For many of us learning a skill and mastering, is a huge task and requires constant hard work and dedication. But there are very few out there who we can truly call multitalented. One of such a person is Aravindhan studying B.DES(Fashion designing) 2nd year at FDDI, CHENNAI. So what multi-talents he have? Here's the list.

Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Wall Painting and Pen, Pencil Rendering, Digital & Logo Designing, craft creations, Paintings, Hyperrealism works, Caricature, Portraits, Creative Illustration, and Costume Designing.

Aravindhan prefers uniqueness in his works. At the early age of 6, he started drawing of course its a scribble but his family saw an artist in that little boy and started encouraging him. Then he started participating in competitions few years later even though he didn't win anything he still learned a lot and continued to grow. School Art teacher and principle saw his talents and encouraged him which gave him immense confidence. Later he won national and State level competitions.

"am nothing without my family support," says Aravindhan. Unlike typical Indian parents, they understood his passion for art and supported him in pursuing his dream. He gets his inspiration from Indian artist Ravi Varma and his hyper-realistic works.

Aravindhan faced struggles too. In fact from a people with an "Art is not a profession" mindset working in art definitely brings loads of criticism and negativity. But Aravindhan never listens to what others say because deep down he knows he is the one who has to work in order to make a difference.

Some of his favorite works are,

His Specialization? “Multi Medium mixing style”, which means in that painting using a mixer of Watercolor & Poster color painting style by implementing this technique which gives unique and impressively. while comparing to usual artworks.

Here are some of his achievements,

At 8th standard, he won a national level Painting contest, which held at Madurai.

In 9th STD, he won a State level “Thaai Manne Vanakkam” Art contest conducted by Jaya T.V which held at Chennai. For that contest, he got A.R Rahman sir signed certificate.

Recently he got the “Young Artist of Madurai award” given by DSP.

and finally here are few words from Aravindhan himself,

"Art is a very different and wonderful creative field, It gives more relaxation for our mind. So don’t lose your hope and goals for anyone. Stay stable on your path, If you do this you will easily achieve anything."

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome such a talented individual to our community. we got your back!

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