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“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.” - Jerzy Kosinski.

The individual today is a portrait artist from the Thanjavur district of Tamilnadu. He is a passionate artist with a love for art. Meet Mr. Aravind, an MBA graduate with a passion for art, and with constant hard work and dedication, he literally became an artist from the non-art background.

Aravind carves for his uniqueness in his works which many artists ignore. So it became a habit of him to change perspective od portraits so that he won't lose his magic touch and of course, it makes the art more interesting for the artist himself.

Life is really unpredictable. So for Aravind, he loved the art since his childhood but later as life goes on he started concentrating more on his studies than his passion. But then the unexpected thing happened. Heartbreaks have immense power to destroy a person and also to boost up a person, If one uses it correctly he/she can change their life in months. Aravind did exactly that instead of the heartbreak pushing him down he brought himself up and worked hard in her passion and started his artworks professionally. Then comes the social media from which he got loads of positive reviews and later he started commissioned portrait work.

Aravind gets his encouragement and inspiration from his followers and his admirers. Hyperrealistic portraits have been the biggest difficulty for him as it takes loads of time and consistent concentration. But instead of it letting him down he fought it with his positive mindset and the boost he got from his heartbreak.

Aravind describes his best artwork as "The poor mother is in empty stomach and feeding her child to full need" concept. His personal touch in artworks is always create some positive spirits over on it.

He gets his new concept and ideas for art thought emotional quotes and he will use it on graphite & polychrome medium.

Aravind as a good friend also gives back to his community. There are several people he admires and supports too.


2.Priya.k pencil art.

"Both are good in their artworks and they always give some professional touch in their work and often trying new methods of art" - says Aravind.

We team Adikozha wishes you all the best and extremely happy to welcome you to our community. We got your back!

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