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An artist by heart

Arvind Roshen

Meet Arvind Roshen, an engineer by profession but an artist by heart. He also emcees part-time. Arvind has been honored by the esteemed Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu personally at a function in the presence of ministers and press. This very recognition is a benchmark in his upcoming career as an artist.

He started his journey as an artist at a young age of 14, sketching black and white portraits. Subsequently, he taught himself realism. Mr.Manojithkrishnan has been both his inspiration and encouragement. Mr.Manoj’s observation strategies and style depicted in his artworks has been mentoring Arvind for the past 5 years.

Arvind started receiving negative feedback once he began monetizing his artwork. However, those negative criticism helped him constructively. He believes any person with a great quality of communication between the heart and the mind and also capable of incorporating it on a plane is an artist. He preservers until his artwork is as realistic as the photograph as possible.

Furthermore, he restrains from using fancy tools to enhance his quality of work. His

portrait of "the old man" and "the old woman" that took him several days to complete set him apart from the rest. It brought him much recognition in the forum.

Finally, we asked the talented artist some tips and tricks for other artists trying to prove themselves.

 ‘For all the fellow artists grooming yourselves, there is one friendly note. Don’t give up on an artwork and never finish it until you are totally convinced. This is not a field to be compared. Every one is an artist in his own way. In fact, the total number of art forms is still left undefined.’

We team Adikozha happy and honoured to have such a talented person in our community. We got your back!

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