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Meet Aisshvarya Prabhakaran a 20 yr old portrait artist from Chengalpattu known as f_i_n_e_a_r_t_o_h_o_l_i_c in the art world, pursuing 3rd yr Btech biotechnology student, her artworks including pencil sketches, paintings and doodle work.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - EDGAR DEGAS


Initially, she begins her first art with doodling in the boring class, Initially, friends started appreciating her works has made her continue it. its been the beginning of her journey

till now she didn't stop the journey of art,

Arts brings me calm and patience - Aisshvarya Prabhakaran


Encouragement and support play a vital role in every artist's life. It's what that keeps them going. She constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement from her parents and her friends especially sowmi, her parents found her daughter happiness on artworks so they never forget to encourage and appreciate her. she mentions a few names, who made her inspired silvie mahdal [sketching artist] because she creates that realistic look and her uniqueness.

Every artist has gone through something which teaches them an important lesson, In the beginning, She faced many depression, stress, mood swings etc

She always wanted some uniqueness in her artwork from others it may be Shading, colouring, etc and she also recreates some art which she loves.

She constantly pushes her forward with support and encouragement from the feedback and comments from the Friends and faculties.

Be unique - Aisshvarya Prabhakaran

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