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“The picture that you took with your camera is the imagination you want to create with reality.” - Scott Lorenzo

There are numerous photographers out there with loads of talents but there are only a few photographers who are artists themselves. For them, photography is a form of art they use to express their artistic side. Such an individual is Mr. Abishek from Madurai. Being 19-year old Abishek calls himself as an armature photographer. He uses his first camera Canon EOS 200D as his window to the world.

" Photography - the art of Capturing the light," says Abishek, He started his journey with the help of a friend (Akshaya) who spotted out his talent in photography and encouraged him. Its been at this for nearly 5 years now since then he's been playing with his camera, experimenting, making mistakes, learning, and growing!

According to Abishek photography is a way with which he can put a smile on people's faces. His favorite hobby is visiting parks and clicking random images of children playing. The excitement in the faces of those children when they see their picture is unmatchable for him.

Later he won the photography competition from the knowledge Institute of Technology, Salem. After that, the hidden passion of him become a part of his life. His camera kit consists of a Canon EOS 200D camera, EF 50mm F/1.8, and 2 other kit lenses, and a mobile macro lens and editing are done mostly in mobile with Softwares like "Adobe Lightroom Mobile" and "Google Snapseed".

Every artist has to go through something that absolutely destroys them in order to explore themself. Abishek loves learning from his every work and competition he attends. Failures are the best opportunities for learning for him.

For every artist, he/she is the first barrier they have to break through in order to achieve something great! It's so true in the case of Abishek. Other than this earning through his works is a major struggle he faced. Because of the armature photographers with good gadgets, people like Abishek struggles a lot in making money out of his works. Instagram plays an important role in his passion and many other Photographers too. It helps his works to reach thousands of people overnight. "Good Content will have Good Reach," says Abishek.

He has done 5 or 6 wedding photography. Wedding photography is the most difficult field in Photography even though he doesn't like to do that he did it to upgrade his kits. Abishek has big plans for his upcoming projects. He's planning to cover the whole City (Madurai) each and every part of it and he's working in it now.

Aditya gets his inspiration from Auditya Venkatesh (Audi photography). His collection of creative photography and his incomparable way of looking at the world is a great source of inspiration for Abishek.

Here are few words from Abishek himself for other photographers,

Never give up on their goal. Keep clicking more...the more u click the more u will understand about your camera and lights. Never compare your work with others just do it for yourself. Likes never determine your Photographs.

We team Adikozha happy to introduce such a talented photographer to our community and this world! We got your back always.

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