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A Physiotherapist who turned into an artisanal jewellery designer!

Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” - Georgia O’Keeffe.

A Physiotherapist who turned into an artisanal jewelry designer!

Today's story is about a Physiotherapist turned Artist (Artisanal Jewelry Designer to be precise)! Meet Miss. Arthi Ganesan or you may know her business profile @arthis.andal. Though a Physiotherapist by academics, Art is her passion. Arthi is a curious learner and an autodidact. Creating new things delights her and this made her an Artisanal Jewelry Designer.

There are many ways an artist can deliver their art. The very common ones are painting and sketching. But Arthi uses jewellery as a medium to express it. There's a Picasso's saying "Why do you try to understand art? Do u try to understand a bird's song ?" Arthi loves this quote and being an outta box person Arthi wanted her jewellery to express something than a traditional pattern. That's where everything started according to her "Art is completely something that we create and it's just fine even if it is completely crazy".

Back in 2013 Arthi was doing glass paintings and themed photo frames and several commissioned works and later in 2016 that she accidentally ended up learning terracotta jewellery making with natural clay through her cousin VINAY JK. It was love with the art at first sight and so she started creating basic designs with references and tutorials from the internet and later on she started doing them in her style for commission. Her love and passion towards art made that her career.

Arthi mentions 2 people as her inspiration. Mrs Hema Balakrishnan, founder of Color_d_ earth and Miss. Razia Kunj, Artisanal Jewelry Designer, Mumbai. Apart from these Arthi loves culture, people, nature, language, movies, and anything that has colours and designs in it.

She says anything can inspire you for design.forParents with a typical Indian mindset are the first hardship that any self-made Indian artist has to overcome and Arthi is no exception. She had to join Engineering and quit it halfway, then struggled to join BSc fashion design or BFA but landed in Chennai joining Physiotherapy.

"Though I topped the class, I always lacked passion in Physiotherapy," says Arthi, that's when she realized she has to do something and she did it. She took a leap of faith and started doing things that made her happy, soon things started changing.

She loves experimenting with colours and always prefer her art to be bright and colourful. She also enjoys doing the details in her works like the mandala pattern or dot painting on jewellery. Kathakali designs, Arthanareeshwar pendant, The Shiva series, Radha Krishna series, the NEYTIRI ( of avatar ), MAYURIKA ( peacock feather) and MAIDEN ( African girl) from her QUARANTINE SERIES are some of her favorite and close to her heart works!

Every artist deserves appreciation and applause. when Anchor and Newsreader Anitha really loved the earrings Arthi sent her and took the time to click a close-up picture of the jewellery details and commented, it was a huge appreciation for an artist like Arthi.

And few words from Arthi herself,


"Practice is the key. Keep practising, practising, and only practising. Patience is the most required quality for this art. And a humble request is that never copy or replicate any artist's work. It is always good to take references as a beginner but never tries to replicate the work of another artist because that would be their masterpiece/ brainchild and not ours. Our uniqueness comes only with our Creativity. So our style and creativity are two factors important in terms of jewellery designing."

Finally, Arthi would like to thank Arvind, @dr.arvind_getz , @manisha_ramkumar, @jkvinayak.01 , Mr.Mohanakkanam sir @rtn.mohanakannan. These people who have acted as a pile for Arthi's success and supported her all along in her journey.

We team Adikozha proud and happy to welcome you to our creator's community. You are such an inspiration! We got your back! Keep going and good luck.

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